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Siobhan Greene talks with Paula MacNab on local AMP program, 'Your Town'

Click on this link to watch:  Learn more about Hospice Giving Foundation by watching this informative 18 minute interview.  Airs on local Your Town AMP programming

HGF Announces New Board Members and 2017-2018 Officers

News Release:  Hospice Giving Foundation Announces New Board Members and Leadership of Board of Directors

Grantee Spotlight: Jacob's Heart makes sure no one faces illness alone

No one should have to face a life-threatening illness alone. Click "Read more" to learn how Hospice Giving Foundation makes sure patients have support while they undergo treatment.

Grantee Spotlight: Partnership for Children helps children receive life-saving treatment

Having your car break down is never good. But for Lourdes, it was a crisis: it meant she would be unable to get her daughter to chemotherapy. Click "Read more" to hear how Hospice Giving Foundation helps children receive life-saving treatment.

Top 7 Myths about Hospice Care

There are a number of misconceptions about hospice care. Here are some of the top myths-- along with the facts.

3 C’s to Cope with Grief During the Holidays

After the loss of a loved one, the once joyous holidays can be a source of pain and sadness. Traditions and festivities that used to be fun can remind you that someone is no longer here to celebrate. Even with friends and family around, it’s common to feel lonely.

To help make the holidays easier, the Hospice Foundation of America recommends “3 C’s to Cope with Holiday Grief.”

Helping millennials cope with loss

On October 19, a small group of people gathered to share a meal at Gardener Ranch in Carmel Valley and talk about life after the loss at The Dinner Party.

The Dinner Party is an organization that creates a space for grieving millennials to connect with each other over a shared meal. Read on for the interview with the co-founders Carla and Lennon.

Hospice Giving Foundation presents a tribute to Peter and Barbara Blackstock

Will you be able to say you lived the life you wanted?

Before I Die - Josefina, credit: Andrew George

Are you living the kind of life you want?

“Right Before I Die,” an exhibit that opened last month at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles encourages people to ask themselves that question. It gives everyone a chance to experience something that we all will eventually — death.

"Best Care Possible" brings local hospice and palliative care leaders together

Siobhan and Ira at Best Care Possible workshop

On June 16, over 120 physicians, clinicians, and faith leaders attended the Hospice Giving Foundation workshop “The Best Care Possible.” This workshop helped frame the importance of collaborating and working together – across disciplines – to improve the quality of end-of-life care.

“A Quality Life” Podcast: Palliative care helps patients live full lives

The premier season of the podcast “A Quality Life” features real stories of seriously ill patients whose lives improved once they began to receive palliative care.

How do YOU fill in the blank? “Before I die, I want to ___________”

Before I Die Savannah by Trevor Coe

Artist Candy Chang needed an outlet after experiencing the death of someone close to her. Chang got permission to create an interactive wall which featured the prompt “Before I die, I want to______.” Chang and her neighbors used the wall to reflect on their lives and share their aspirations before they die.

End-of-Life Activist: Doctors Shouldn’t Help Patients Die

A physician at the forefront of palliative care has taken a strong stand against the “right to die.”

Dr. Ira Byock, Professor of Medicine and Community & Family Medicine at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, asserts that physician-assisted suicide is wrong both morally and socially.

There’s a Better Way to Die

Americans are suffering unnecessarily as they die.

So says Dr. Ira Byock, one of the nation’s foremost experts in palliative care.

Dr. Byock, Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer for the Institute for Human Caring, believes our society focuses too much on fighting illness, no matter the cost, while shying away from ever talking about death.

Compassion Connects Us

Please take a moment to watch and reflect on our newest video, "Compassion Connects Us." And then, please share it with those you love.

Deborah Howitt joins Hospice Giving Foundation as Director of Philanthropy & Planned Gifts

Debbie Ewan Howitt

Deborah joined Hospice Giving Foundation in September 2015, bringing 15 years of expertise in key aspects of major gift fundraising. She successfully executed development plans and reached personal and team fundraising goals in conjunction with annual fundraising, capital campaigns and special projects. Deborah is knowledgeable in planned giving including bequests, life income instruments, and gifts of real estate.

Compassionate Care Alliance is “Coming Home” to Hospice Giving Foundation

Dear Friends of Hospice Giving Foundation:

Since 2001 Hospice Giving Foundation has supported a wonderful community outreach program with which many of you are familiar – Compassionate Care Alliance. Today, on behalf of the Board of Directors of both Compassionate Care Alliance and Hospice Giving Foundation, we are writing you to share news of changes.

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