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Planning for our later years makes a lot of sense.  The practical implications of planning ahead are obvious. Being prepared can also bring emotional comfort and peace of mind during stressful times.  

Hospice Giving Foundation’s general guides help you get started, organize your information, and stay on track throughout your planning process.  Please note, none of the information here is a substitute for legal advice. We strongly encourage you to contact professionals who can assist you early in the process.

Starting the conversation can be difficult and knowing where to begin can be a bit overwhelming, but those who have done this planning have shared that the experience is very gratifying. At Hospice Giving Foundation we feel so strongly about advance planning that we have developed a number of tools to assist you. All are free for you to use and share with your loved ones.

We recommend beginning by reviewing the document Legal Permission and Access to Information (linked below, depending on whether the access is for you or others). With current emphasis on personal security, it can be challenging and frustrating when someone trying to help a loved one realizes they need legal permission to gain access to important information. Understanding the limitations around information sharing allows you to plan ahead.

When you are ready to fully prepare your plan and catalog your information, please download your complimentary copy of Notes to My Family.

Let's get started! Which section applies to you? 

You and / or Spouse or Legal Partner (linked to list below):  The guides provided here can be beneficial when you and a spouse or partner are planning for yourselves. (a) You are planning for your end of life care and financial directives. You are capable of making plans and decisions and know how to reach out to professionals to assist you. (b) You are putting plans together for your spouse or partner who is unable to do it for him or herself. In the past you have talked about this, but now it is time to be sure legal documents are in order.


Others: Son / Daughter / Relative / Friend (linked to list below):  These guides are designed to assist if you are stepping in to care for someone else, including when intervening in an emergency situation. You are taking care of someone else's financial and health care needs (parents, sibling, close relative, friend). You are essentially handling the estate. 


You and / or your Spouse or Legal Partner:  

Legal Permission and Access to Information YOU

Important Document Checklist

Your Preparedness Checklist

The Role of Professionals

Surviving Spouse: 
When Someone Dies - Timeline and Checklist of Tasks



Others: Son / Daughter / Relative / Friend:  

Legal Permission and Access to Information OTHERS

In the Event of a Healthcare Emergency

Questions to Ask if You Are Named a successor Trustee

Duties of a Trustee

The Role of Professionals

Important Document Checklist

When Someone Dies - Timeline and Checklist of Tasks


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