Allow your compassion to connect you through a generous gift.

Serious illness changes everything. The changes come in waves – some hit right away, and some roll over us more slowly.  When the waves come, we look for the right mix of care, nurturing, and dignity. When the waves come, our compassion connects us. 

Compassion takes many forms. It is the caring physician, the nurse at the bedside, or the volunteer who sits quietly in companionship. These professionals are devoted to your loved one’s comfort and offer support and guidance to family members. This kind of care is found in hospice and palliative care programs, the services Hospice Giving Foundation funds. 

Serious illness knows neither age nor time. Programs we fund serve children and adults in all areas of our counties. The compassion that comes with hospice or palliative care happens when its needed, be that in the middle of the night or in the early hours of the morning. We know it when we experience it.  

Your gifts to Hospice Giving Foundation support the inspiring services that we are proud to fund. These agencies ensure families have the options and services they need while bringing hope to local families facing life-limiting illness.

Hospice Giving Foundation invests in our community through grant making that supports expanded availability and high quality of end-of- life care and by being responsive to the changing healthcare landscape. Hospice Giving Foundation serves our community by providing quality education and building awareness about advance care planning, relevant trends, and resources.  We are a singularly focused foundation committed to being thoughtful stewards of donor funds. 

Let your compassion connect you by donating to support those who will need end-of-life care in our community. Let your compassion shine through so the people who devote themselves to caring for those at end of life have the resources they need to do the work they must.​  Thank you for your generosity.

Gifts to Hospice Giving Foundation are tax deductible in accordance with tax laws.  

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