Gratitude Art Gallery

  • My Great Grandpa loved to walk through the park every morning. He would watch the wind blow in the trees. My Great Grandpa enjoyed seeing all the wildlife that live in the woods. When I walk through the park I think of him.

    Giovanni V
  • Obie Sanders, April 1, 1923 - December 24, 2010.

    Today I am writing about my PaPa. He was a very loving man and was very loved, in a small town called Middleton. He was a very strong man who loved to play the bass and was always a man of his word. He grew up in Mississippi and loved to ride his motorcycle. In conclusion, he taught my sisters and I valuable lessons, like Stay true to who you are, It's OK to make mistakes, and Never ever give up.

    Wyndie Weatherwax
  • Brenna Owens
  • At a time when you are so emotionally drained and can no longer avoid the inevitable, Hospice makes those last moments so peaceful. I saw my dad laugh and ask to have his picture taken. It was the only smile I had seen on his face for a very long time.

    Julie, Sam's daughter
  • The Pain

    Missing you.

    So surreal, months have gone by.

    Why does it still hurt so much?

    You are so much a part of every minute of my living, each breath,
    each minute and moment of time.

    The tears flow, they do not stop,
    I want them to stop...but then am I not alive?

    © Victoria Engman-Rossman
  • Heaven Poem

    When you pass away,
    You will go to stay
    In a place where there is no pain
    And nothing is insane.
    No one is mad
    And no one is sad.
    There is joy
    And you can have a toy.
    I will see you there
    In a place where nothing can compare.

    Ryan Underwood, 9 Years Old
  • Receiving gas cards for our family to take our daughter to her medical appointments has allowed us to not have to choose between gas and other basic living needs such as groceries.  It has been so helpful.

    Connie, Trinity's mom
  • Ron passed away May 24, 2013, and was blessed to have had VNA and Hospice care for the last seven months of his life. I had no idea how that wonderful care would change our lives. From the day Ron started VNA and Hospice care, my anxiety level was lowered and our lives became more relaxed and more manageable on a day-today basis. The calvalry had arrived!!!

    Cherie Frank and Senorina Viana became Ron's angels. They were always loving, kind, compassionate, caring and thorough. I know it is what they are supposed to be, but in my mind they went way over and above what is expected. They... read more

    VNA and Hospice Care Recipient
  • David McCulloch Critchley

    I'm so grateful for my dad, David Critchley -- still one of the best people I've ever met, anywhere at any time.

  • My Dad was my world....I miss him so much. I wanted to take the time to thank Hospice for making his transition from life to death a beautiful experience. Here he is with two of my Grandchildren. Alexis and Ryder.

    Mayra Braselton

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