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Traditions and Remembering

It's that time again… ushering in the New Year.  Tradition calls upon us to re-examine our lives and to consider what may need some re-tooling. While few of us take resolutions very seriously, most of us look forward to that new start. We quietly reflect on the past year and with positive thoughts are hopeful about what may be in store for the future.

Tradition also has us move towards the new year by looking back on the accomplishments and moments of the past year; joyful and sad; good and bad. On TV and radio, there will always be the reflections on the notable people who have died in the past year. Many of them have touched our lives in unique ways. Although we don’t know them personally, media encourages us to think about them, and it’s a bit striking how we miss their presence in our lives. Individuals don’t usually put together a year-end photo gallery of loved ones who passed and talk about that person, but maybe we ought to.  Maybe creating new traditions to talk about those we’ve loved and lost can help us move towards a place of peace and fill our hearts. 

At Hospice Giving Foundation’s annual Tree of Life Celebration in early December, people take the time to reflect on and honor those they love.  We know by listening to our guests at that event how important it is to have that special space for reflection.  All of us at the Foundation thank you for joining us at that celebration and hope you continue to find ways to keep the spirit and memory of your loved ones present in your lives. 

We wish you and your family and friends a New Year filled with wonderful health and prosperity.  We also want to encourage you to take the time - while you are healthy - to talk about your wishes and your hopes.  Consider which options are best for you, long before you need to make decisions.  We know we’ll all take this journey, yet we also know it’s tough to talk or think about. Hospice Giving Foundation stands here to give each of us the courage to find a way to talk with family and friends and to teach others how to lovingly be by your side.  

My very best wishes and Happy New Year,

Siobhan Greene

PS - Hospice Giving Foundation provides resources as well as encouragement.  Click these links for Notes to My Family and our planning tools to find information that will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.  

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