Notes to My Family: Introduction

Notes to My Family was created to help individuals leave to their family members the comforting gift of information in advance. At Hospice Giving Foundation, we have learned that the end-of-life process is often consumed by gathering of these details and information, rather than cherishing precious moments and celebrating the life of a loved one with that person.

Notes to My Family is a planning tool that gives you a convenient place to express your wishes for end-of-life care and to catalog important information. Hospice Giving Foundation is pleased to present Notes to My Family online, providing a digital way to gather the story and details of your life all in one place. Notes to My Family is organized into four easy to manage modules. Throughout Notes to My Family, we will remind you how to protect your privacy and sensitive personal information.

We suggest you begin by reviewing each section, to get a feel for what kind of information you want to gather. Think about the people with whom you want to share this activity. We know that once you start using Notes to My Family with your family or close friends, stories will unfold and memories will be shared. Ultimately, the information and memories will create an enduring gift to your family and loved ones.

The Hospice Giving Foundation would like to acknowledge and thank the Rita and Luis Echenique Charitable Foundation for funding the translation of Notes to My Family, making this resource accessible to our Spanish speaking audience.

A testimonial about Notes to My Family by Barrie Fiske

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